Thursday, Aug. 18th 2016

Welcome to Our New Website

I want to welcome each one of you to our new website. All the church information will be available to you at the touch of a key. We hope you will take the time to view our site and better still come by and visit with us on a Sunday or anytime of the week according to our office hours.

Indian Heights is in a ‘revitalization’ mode. This past year we coined a ‘vision’ statement: “As God’s People We Are: ‘seeking, sowing, loving and serving all people.’” All our programming ministries will be directed by that statement. Indian Heights is a unique congregation in that we believe strongly in seeking the lost, sowing God’s Word for personal spiritual harvests, loving one another in an atmosphere of shared community and serving the needs of one another as well as out in our community.

We so hope and pray that many will come and walk the path of ‘revitalization’ with us.

In future ‘Pastor’s Patch’s ’ you will read my ramblings about living the Christian life through devotions and studies intended to strengthen and empower ourselves to live as true disciples of Jesus Christ. But there is a single purpose in growing spiritually ourselves and that is to make other disciples for Jesus Christ doe the transformation of the world.

How often, I hear, “well Pastor, I’m only one, how can I make a difference in my world?” I also hear, “Pastor, we are a small church compared to some, how can our church really make a difference?” I respond, “Do you remember that old saying, ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog?” I believe what God looks for is what is in one’s heart. If one’s heart is sincerely open and available to God, nothing is impossible! It’s not by our power or might but by the might and power of God.

I look forward to our moments together. I don’t want this to be a one way conversation. Therefore, I hope you will share with me the challenges you face and what has brought you strength and hope each day. My email address is:


Pastor Butch

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As Christians We Are: Seeking, Sowing, Loving and Serving All People!

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