Monday, Jul. 17th 2017


Here at Indian Heights UMC, we have been talking about the fact that life is peppered with awkward moments.

Like in most communities, life in church can be awkward. Between pastoral transitions, different beliefs and varying personalities, awkward moments pop-up. I remember that growing up, my family always intentionally avoided the greeting time at the beginning of every church service because we didn’t want to feel socially awkward. Have you ever felt awkward at church? If so, you are not alone! I believe that the church should be the safest place to have awkward moments. Why? 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 promises that God will comfort us in any struggle, big or small. Not only that, but God actually uses us to be conduits of that great comfort for one another. We can trust that God’s going to be with us when we encounter awkward moments in church and will even use those moments to build a greater sense of community among us.

Our relationship with God can get awkward too. God’s not awkward, but we sure can be! Oftentimes, we walk through seasons in our own lives where we just don’t know how to communicate with God through prayer Sometimes we ramble. Sometimes we don’t know what to say. Sometimes we only pray when we are desperate. Sometimes we have too many doubts to pray. Sometimes we have been praying the same prayer over the years and our prayer life is stale. Sometimes we have stopped praying because of what feels like a silent response from God. Can you relate to any of these? Having faith can be really difficult, and when life gets hard, it is easy to wander away from God. It can feel so awkward trying to approach God again. I have been encouraged by the fact that as Christians we believe “nothing can separate us from the love of God” (Rom. 8:38). So, take a chance; you may feel awkward, but God is waiting for you in love.

Finally, our relationship with others can be awkward. Our culture often trains us to play it safe socially. We tend to surround ourselves with like-minded people who we feel understood by and enjoy. What are we missing out on when we live this way, though? Jesus continually crosses “social boundaries” and proves them to be false. As a Christian community, we want to learn to lose a little bit of our social dignity to gain relationships that will stretch us and strengthen our church community. God calls us to get awkward…not just the pastor (you know you have an awkward pastor), but all of us. We are all called to be ministers who are willing to appear “out of our minds” for the sake of sharing God’s love (2 Corinthians 5:11-21). God wants to use you—are you willing to offer yourself?

So today, how is God calling you to new levels of awkwardness? 

-In Church: Is God calling you to try church for the first time in a while or maybe the first time ever? Or, if you are already a church-goer, is God calling you to get outside of your comfort zone in a new way.

-With God: Maybe it’s time for you to have an awkward conversation with God in prayer—to be open and honest with God in a new way.

-With People: Perhaps God is calling you to get a little silly, to charge towards social interactions that could be awkward in order to share the love of God with someone else.

May we all have the courage to explore our faith in new ways!


In the box with the garden, could we put the family picture I have attached along with the following blurb?

Where do you find yourself?

Are you:

A lifelong Christian? Exploring what you believe?

A fan of the Church? Feeling annoyed by church?

An easy sell? Grappling with truth and doubt?

A weekly church attender? Willing to try something new?

Wherever you find yourself, you are welcome here. 

Join us as we come together to explore faith in Jesus together!


Rev. Katherine Ebling-Frazier
Pastor at Indian Heights United Methodist Church

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