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How to walk the Labyrinth
Labyrinths have been used for centuries. Their origin is unknown but the first indications of labyrinths date as far back as 4,500 years ago. Interest in labyrinths has revived in the last twenty-five years. The labyrinth is a way of: connecting to God, centering oneself, and focusing one’s mind in prayer.

Turning left and right reinforces an integration of the left and right brain, bringing balance and help in calming, clarifying, and focusing.

Our Labyrinth and Prayer Gardens were constructed in 2004 with the purpose of offering an alternative tool for spiritual growth for both our congregation and our community.

Our labyrinth is a custom designed, seven-circuit pattern, based on the classic Cretan Labyrinth. Pavers and crushed granite provide a steady footing. Because of its size and unique pattern, a person can complete their walk in approximately thirty minutes and still have a deeply satisfying experience. Of course, you may stay as long as you like and take as much time as you need. Walking the labyrinth is a sacred activity and is not to be rushed.

We encourage you to first prepare yourself for your walk by spending some time in quiet reflection in one of our two prayer gardens. Conscious and mindful preparation often leads to a deeper, more transformative experience.

  • The Butterfly Prayer Garden lies to the immediate north of the labyrinth entrance .
  • The Shade Prayer Garden is nestled just to the south, under the protective boughs of a majestic cedar tree.
  • Each garden was designed to provide a uniquely pleasant environment as you prepare for your walk.

We invite you to visit our Labyrinth and Prayer Gardens. You are welcome at any time. Our Labyrinth is open to the public and is open 24/7/365.

Please remember that our labyrinth is an extension of our church. It is a sacred site. We ask that you treat it with reverent respect and leave it in the same pristine condition as you found it.

Walking a labyrinth is a journey of faith. We wish you traveling mercies and God’s blessings.

Welcome to our labyrinth. It was created for you.

More Information about labyrinths can be found at:
Our Brochure: labyrinth brochure – new June 2015


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